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What a special summer.

December came and it seemed the whole country started to move about, exploring.

January saw the very successful water:eARTh:power exhibition at the Pōhara Hall.

This was the culmination of 10 artists work inspired by their time on the Cobb Retreat, a mountain retreat in September 2019. The exhibition took a long time coming, after the initial dates were postponed due to the Covid lockdown and the venue changed.

February we saw more and more lovely New Zealand tourists, discovering their own country.

March, still more people, many who had never been 'over the hill' before.

April, they're still coming. .... .

And here we are in May.

We just spent some time delivering artworks to the North Island. It's so nice to see where our work goes. Wonderful people, wonderful places.

For the last two months, Toy has been working on new pieces for the second water:eARTh:power exhibition, to be held in Nelson Refinery ArtSpace, Hardy Street, Nelson, 24 May till 18 June.


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