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Lollokiki are the resident artists of Sculpture705.,

Lollokiki is the collective name of the two Takaka artists Toy Murchie and Kas Muller who have been making art professionally together since 1997.


Situated in Golden Bay, at the top of the south island, Sculpture705 is a gallery complex comprising of a Courtyard, Studio Shop, Archway, Sculpture Garden and Workshop.

Sculpture705 also hosts the art gallery, Loft Gallery as well as a slice of an exhibition space Slice of the Artifact.

Modern Medieval Madness in the Trophy Room

the summer exhibition by Toy Murchie, which explores, with wit and humour, both a selection of paintings juxtaposing Middle Ages in Europe with life today, and The Adventures of Fanny Codswallop-Beagle, intrepid explorer and natural philosopher ; hunting will never be the same again!

A Slice of our exhibition space. 

Free Dee Dudes.

A new exhibition by Kas Muller exploring the behaviours of "dudes" through wall reliefs.

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