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First Contact

375 years ago on the 18th December Abel Janzoon Tasman anchored up near Wainui, Mohua (Golden Bay). There were two ships, part of an expedition to learn more about the 'South Land' for the Dutch East India Company.

The people living in the area the Ngati Tumatakokiri came out in four waka (boats) to have a look at the spectacle. They called out and blew trumpets.

The Dutch responded in kind with trumpets.

Were these fair skinned people Patupaiarehe (fairy folk)? And were they answering?

The ships were moored very close to Taupo Point in the Wainui inlet. The great Taniwha (monster) Ngarara Huarua lived there.

Were these strange vessels going to awaken him?

Had Ngati Tumatakokiri heard that people had been taken by these huge boats to be sold as slaves? As was indeed happening in other places of the Pacific.

What ever the reasons, the following morning things didn't go well.

Four Dutch sailors were killed.

Abel Tasman and his men quickly sailed away.

a moster is attacking a woman she's fighting back

a Monster and a woman are fighting

The most famous story about the Taniwha, Ngarara Huarua involves a woman Ruru. He stole her to make her his.

By singing sweet, sweet songs Ruru escaped.

a monster attacks a woman we are concentrating on the shadow

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