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Origami Bags

layers of printed material

A customer commented on our recycled paper bags, "How were they made?" they asked, so we thought we'd share it with you.

It's simple and only takes a couple of minutes to make.

Any paper can be used, great for using old magazines, advertising gumpf.........basically any paper that would otherwise just be thrown away and end up either in landfill or wasted energy used to recycle or burn it.

paper folded into a triangle

First make the page into a square, easily done by folding into a triangle and cutting off the excess.

square of paper from 1960s science page

Fold up into a triangle.

folding triangle

With folded seam at bottom, fold corner corner over to other side.

triangle with 3 folds

Then do the same again, folding in the other side.

triangle with 4 folds

Fold top down over last 2 folds.

origami bag

Slip one of the flaps into the top triangle fold.

This holds everything together.

origami bag
origami bag

And there you have it - a fully functioning bag.

No need to ever buy bleached, printed paper bags again!

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