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Adventures of a little snow ghost

When Toy was on the Cobb Art Residency back in 2019 she and a fellow artist walked up to Peal Ridge. A beautiful awe inspiring view.

It was September the last snows had fallen, melted and frozen in the high mountain ranges.

"As we walked I happened upon this............

can you not say this is a 'snow ghost'!

It was so cute, it's very existence demanded a story.

We found a couple more 'snow ghosts' along the way but this was the one that captivated me."

The Adventures of the little Snow Ghost was born.

The book discovers and then follows the fleeting life of this, natures rare, enigmatic creation.

"I'd never written a children's book before, but, having been a parent there were one or two pointers I liked when reading to my kids. The images are arguably the most important. The words, short, sharp and to the point."

"I hope it inspires people, young and old, to go out 'Snow Ghost' Hunting!"

Book is available by emailing


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