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Loft Gallery

Modern Medieval Madness in the Trophy Room

the summer exhibition by Toy Murchie, which explores, with wit and humour, both a selection of paintings juxtaposing Middle Ages in Europe with life today, and The Adventures of Fanny Codswallop-Beagle, intrepid explorer and natural philosopher ; hunting will never be the same again!

Modern Medieval Madness

The Trophy Room

Living in an age that has witnessed the rapid advance of technology and the encroachment of urbanisation, Fanny Codswallop-Beagle eschews the comforts of modernity in favour of venturing into the uncharted realms of the natural world. With a heart brimming with unbridled enthusiasm, she roams the farthest reaches of our globe, exploring landscapes both harsh and sublime, cataloguing the wonders of nature, and seeking answers to questions. The Trophy Room brings together some of her latest finds.

Past exhibitions.
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